Sterimix+® puts together three single use tools in a sterile package: the classic 2.5 ml cooker of the Stericup®kit, an antibacterial Sterifilt+ filter (0.20 microns membrane) and a post injection dry swab.
As in the Stericup kit, the cooker comes in five colours (blue, green, grey, red, yellow).


To promote and encourage personal and single use sterile tools in order to reduce harm associated to the preparation of the mix to inject.

2.5 ml cooker

  • Encourage aseptic preparation and reduce the risk of bacterial contamination (abscesses, endocarditis…) associated with the use of spoons, filters and swabs.
  • Increase, by its colours, personal identification strategies and reduces the risks of viral transmission (HIV, hepatitis) due to sharing and reuse of cookers, filters and swabs.


  • Reduce harms associated with the injection of insoluble particles, bacteria and fungi, such as abscesses, phlebitis, "cotton fever”, oedema and pulmonary complications as well as septicaemia and endocarditis.
  • Protect the veins.