Each Sterimix+ sterile package includes:

A cooker

  • Maximum capacity of 2.5 ml to heat solutions up to 1.5 ml easily
  • Great stability ensured by a flat bottom
  • Aluminium alloy whose safety has been proven 
  • Due to the material used and its relatively low thickness, the cooker becomes flimsy after a first use, which prevents reuse
  • Plastic handle that increases its stability and prevents fingers from burn
A Sterifilt+: the highest level of protection by filtration
  • Antibacterial membrane (porosity 0.20 microns) protected by a grid serving as pre-filter and avoiding clogging.
  • Body in polypropylene that protects the needle and its bevelled tip
  • Fits on syringes with fixed needles and most needleless syringes (Luer slip tip)
  • Quick filtration of powders and tablets/capsules
  • Does not remove the active product nor impair its effect

A post-injection dry swab
  • Used to compress the vein after injection, it ensures a better healing and preserves the veins
  • Absorbs blood and reduces hand borne viral transmission