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The Sterifilt BASIC is a sterile, single use filter that eliminates virtually all impurities from a solution before its injection.

Aims and characteristics:

Sterifilt BASIC is a polypropylene membrane filter. It is compatible with almost all syringes with attached needle and with all Luer syringes (1 ml, 2 ml, 5 ml…).

Its principal aims are:

  • To reduce risks associated with the injection of insoluble particles such as abscesses, phlebitis, "dirty hits”, embolism, oedema and pulmonary complications…
    • Eliminates over 90% of all insoluble particles of over 5 µm and over 93% of all particles larger than 10 µm

  • To encourage single and personal use of filters, which reuse and sharing play an important role in infections by micro-organisms and viral transmission:
    • The Sterifilt BASIC retains five times less drug than a cotton filter, reducing filter-reuse and sharing
    • Its membrane obstructs after use, minimising the risk of reuse
  • To preserve the venous capital
    • The Sterifilt BASIC protects the tip of the needle and prevents it from hitting the bottom of the spoon

  • To encourage aseptic preparation
    • The filter is sterile
    • Its packaging is conceived to avoid touching, and thus contaminating the membrane with the hands

Clinical history

The Sterifilt BASIC has been developed in France since 1997 with the involvement of needle exchange programs. Its safety and effectiveness have been validated by laboratory assays. Tested with brown and white heroin, cocaine hydrochloride and crack cocaine, amphetamines and crushed tablets.

Sterifilt BASIC is a CE registered medical device.