Qui sommes-nous ?For over 20 years, Apothicom conducts research programmes in public health and develops tools of prevention, training and information in the field of harm reduction linked to the use of drugs.


Apothicom has been created in 1992 as a non-profit organisation to reduce drugs use-related harms. In May 2008, Apothicom created a new entity, Apothicom Distribution, of which the former NGO is a shareholder. This entity distributes harm reduction tools, ensures the investments and continues the research and development initiated by the NGO.

Research and Development

Based on epidemiological data and assessment of at-risk behaviours, Apothicom offers concrete information and prevention tools that aim to limit drug-related harms. Since its creation, Apothicom has developed several products such as the Steribox®, the first prevention kit for people who inject drugs (PWID), the Stericup®, the Maxicup® and the Sterifilt®.

Apothicom harm reduction tools at Quai 9, supervised drug consumption room, Première Ligne, Geneva

Our commitment to harm reduction

Apothicom tools are distributed through needle exchange programmes, treatment centres, consumption rooms, prisons, pharmacies, and automatic vending machines in France and abroad.

Through these activities, we aim to provide and promote prevention strategies that fit the local context. The success of these strategies highly depends on local support offered by volunteers, healthcare facilities, physicians, pharmacists, people who use drugs…

Team composition

Apothicom is located in Paris, France. Our team consists of a General Practitioner, a Biologist and drug worker, an Accountant, an International Development Executive, and a Managing Director. We regularly collaborate with social workers, pharmacists, nurses, students, people who inject drugs…

Supporting harm reduction programmes

Apothicom works in collaboration with different public and private organisations so as to set up information and prevention programs, and to sensitise and mobilise local actors. If you are considering setting a harm reduction programme or develop harm reduction tools/kits adapted to your local context, do not hesitate to contact us

Our missions:

  • To screen the scientific literature for potential factors involved in contamination

  • To develop drug paraphernalia to prevent these contaminations

  • To raise awareness amongst professionals (pharmacists, physicians, social workers, NGOs) on new harm reduction strategies and tools

  • To inform PWID about the potential factors involved in HIV, hepatitis C (HCV) and hepatitis B (HBV) contamination

  • To promote HIV, HCV and HBV screening amongst PWID

  • To encourage contact between PWID and health professionals