To each his/her own colour

Stericup or Maxicup?

In September 2019, Stericup® and Maxicup® change and get equipped with a built-in handle.  
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Maxicup® is a sterile and single use cooker of 5 ml. Its 5 different colours serve to protect against accidental sharing. This cooker has been developed as an addition to the Stericup to avoid the use of makeshift spoons for the preparation of drugs that need higher volumes to dissolve.


To promote personal and single use of sterile cookers in order to reduce the risks associated with the preparation of injections:
  • Promotes aseptic preparation and reduces the risk of bacterial contamination (abscesses, endocarditis…)
  • Encourages, by its colours, personal identification strategies and reduces the risk of viral transmission (HIV, hepatitis B and C) due to the reuse and sharing of cookers, filters, and post injection swabs.

Since October 2021, Maxicooker STERILE, a preparation kit that includes a 5 ml grey cooker and a cotton filter in a sterile package is also available on demand. Find out more