Launched in 1992, Steribox® is a pack aiming at reducing the risk of infection among people who inject drugs (PWID).
It is given out or sold in pharmacies and in certain health centers, needle exchange programmes and NGOs/NSPs in France.

This kit has been developed to address the public health objectives such as:

  • preventing contamination by infections agents, among which the HIV and hepatitis viruses,
  • encouraging voluntary screening of HIV and HCV,
  • encoruaging HBV vaccination
  • protecting the population from the risks of contamination by infected syringes.


The Steribox® includes:
  • Two insulin syringes Becton Dickinson© (BD) with fixed needle, whose end cap serves as a handle for the cooker.

  • Two Stericup® sterile package, each of them including: one 2.5 ml cooker, one cotton filter and one post injection swab.

  • Two vials of water for injection (5 ml).

  • Two alcohol swabs.

  • One condom.

  • Information and instructions for use are printed on the box.

If you are based in France, refer to the Drogues info services website to find the nearest needle exchange programme or harm reduction venue.