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The antibacterial Sterifilt+ is available!

12 nov. 2021
The antibacterial Sterifilt+ is available!

First antibacterial filter specifically designed for harm reduction, it quickly eliminates insoluble particles, but also bacteria and fungi from the mix to be injected in a one and single step.

At the end of several years of research and development, Apothicom launches Sterifilt+, the very first antibacterial filter exclusively designed to reduce harms associated with injection drug use. With a diameter of 15 mm and a 0.22 µm membrane, it quickly removes insoluble particles as well as bacteria and fungi from the mix to be injected in a one and single step. Like all filters in this range, Sterifilt+ fits on most syringes, whether with fixed needle or needleless with Luer slip tip.

Because it is not easy to get used to a new tool and its handling, it is recommended to be trained to it prior to place an order. Therefore, Apothicom offers training webinars on demand, merely focusing on the specific characteristics of this filter and of filtration principles in the field of harm reduction.

These twenty-minute online sessions are open to all needle exchange programmes and harm reduction organisations, and organised on demand. All you need is a picture and sound Internet connection. The harm reduction organisations participating in such training sessions will be offered a box of 100 Sterifilt+ sample to enable injection drug users to test it.

To organise a webinar session, please write to [email protected].