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New, Stericup® SINGLE

18 nov. 2019
New, Stericup® SINGLE

Stericup® SINGLE is a single cooker in a sterile blister package, of 5 different colours to prevent accidental sharing.

It is particularly adapted to people who use syringe membrane filters and other tools delivered apart (post-injection swab etc.).

Each Stericup® SINGLE package contains:

  • One sterile cooker dedicated to the heating the solution
    • Maximum capacity of 2.5 ml
    • Allows to heat solutions up to 1.5ml
    • Good stability ensured by a flat surface
    • Alloy of aluminium, which safety has been proven
    • oDue to the material used and its relatively low thickness, the Stericup becomes flimsy after first use, to prevent from reusing it.
  • The overmoulded plastic handle
    • reduces manipulations before use, and therefore the risk of handborne bacterial contamination, potential source of infections,
    • protects fingers from burns,
    • ensures a greater stability.