Citric or ascorbic?


Instructions for use

This powder should be added to the solution in a step-wise fashion until the drug is dissolved.
Inject slowly to minimise vein damage


  • Sterile ascorbic acid reduces the risk of contamination by germs, but does not eliminate them. Avoid contact between injection equipment and the mouth
  • The use of acids of any kind can cause vein damage. To reduce this risk, use the smallest possible quantity. A "pinch” is usually enough to dissolve heroin or crack cocaine
  • Like all harm reduction tools these sachets are for single use only. The remainder should be discarded
  • Inject slowly to minimise irritation of the injection site

  • If you feel pain or a burning sensation at the injection site, stop injecting. Reduce the quantity of acid in the future and ask advice from a counsellor, a needle exchange program or your general practitioner