Nevershare® syringes have been specifically developed for people who inject drugs.
Their 5 colours are intended to prevent accidental sharing.

1 ml syringes with attached needle (insulin syringes) or 2 ml syringes?

If the volume to be injected is lower than 1 ml, it is recommended to use a 1 ml insulin syringe:

  • The needle is fine and short, reducing vein damage
  • The dead space of these syringes (dead space is the volume of liquid remaining inside a syringe once the plunger is fully depressed) is lower, which ensures less active drug loss.

  • A 2 ml syringe has a higher dead space. Consequently, the risk of HIV transmission is higher in the case of (accidental) sharing. However, in certain circumstances, a 2 ml syringe is more suitable:
  • The volume to be injected exceeds 1 ml
  • The viscosity of the solution to be injected is too high to go through a thin needle
  • The venous capital is damaged and several needles are needed before finding a vein
  • The venous capital is damaged and / or deep veins are used, requiring the use of larger needles (in diameter and/or in length)