The tourniquet is used to make veins that are difficult to access, more visible.
Tourniquets should only be used in case of genuine need. Further information about how to avoid using a tourniquet is available in the « how to find a good vein » tab.
If they stay in place for too long, tourniquets may stop the blood flow to a limb.
A tourniquet must be untied before pushing the plunger. Otherwise, an excessive pressure will be required to inject the solution which may lead to a vein rupture and drugs leak into the surrounding tissues. 


This innovative shape one-handed tourniquet can be tied and untied easily with one hand.

  • Though transmission risk is much lower than for syringe sharing, the tourniquet is a potential vector for the transmission of infections such as hepatitis C virus.
  • Promote personal and single-use of tourniquets in order to reduce the risks associated injection drug use.