Low Dead Space Needles    


Instruction for use

This needle fits well on most Luer syringes, but isn’t compatible with

  • Terumo 1ml, 2.5ml, or 5ml syringes;
  • BD 1ml, or 2.5ml syringes;
  • Or syringes that have a dead space reducing spike on the plunger such as the BBraun 1ml Injekt syringe.

This needle is sometimes used by people who inject steroids in small muscles; it is important to pay attention not to inject in the adipose tissue with this needle which is relatively short for intramuscular injection

To prevent the needle to break:

  • Do not let go of the syringe once the needle has pierced the skin
  • Do not bend the needle
  • Change the needle if you cannot find a vein
  • Do not move during the injection

Colors are an indication of the external diameter of the needle. The length refers to the visible part of the needle or to the total length of the needle, including the part inside the plastic hub. The needle can thus be slightly shorter than indicated.