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Sterimix or Maximix ?



Sterimix is the combination of a Stericup and a Sterifilt. In this kit, the cotton filter of the Stericup is replaced by a Sterifilt.




To promote personal and single use of sterile cookers in order to reduce the risks associated with the preparation of injections.

  • Promotes aseptic preparation and reduces the risk of bacterial contamination (abscesses, endocarditis…)

  • Encourages, by its colours, personal identification strategies and reduces the risk of viral transmission (HIV, hepatitis B and C) due to the reuse and sharing of cookers, filters and post injection swabs.


  • To reduce risks associated with the injection of insoluble particles such as abscesses, phlebitis, "dirty hits”, embolism, oedema and pulmonary complications…
  • To preserve the venous capital