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High-Speed Filtration Sterifilt is a sterile and single use particle filter, exclusively developed in the field of harm reduction. Designed to fit the increasing injection of crushed tablets originally intended for oral intake, it rapidly eliminates vehicles from the solution prior to injection.

With a 15mm diameter, this new model ensures a high-speed filtration: it eliminates the insoluble particles of buprenorphine tablets within 11 seconds, and impurities from powders (cocaine, heroin, cathinones) within 10 seconds.

It is equipped with the same membrane as the traditional Sterifilt and a punched aluminium green ring that protects the membrane and serves as a pre-filter. It meets the same technical characteristics as the previous one.

To know more about this new Sterifilt, visit the dedicated blog.

Aims and characteristics

Sterifilt is a polypropylene membrane filter, compatible with almost all syringes with attached needle and with all needleless syringes (1 ml, 2 ml, 5 ml…).

It aims at:

  • Reducing risks associated with the injection of insoluble particles, such as abscesses, phlebitis, "dirty hits”, embolism, oedema and pulmonary complications.
    • Sterifilt eliminates 90% of the insoluble particles larger than 5 µm and 93% of particles larger than 10 µm.

  • Encouraging single and personal use of filters, for their reuse and sharing are a frequent cause of infections by micro-organisms and viral transmission:
    • Its membrane obstructs after use, minimising the risk of reuse.
  • Preserving the venous capital
    • Sterifilt protects the tip of the needle, prevents it from hitting the bottom of the spoon and maintains its sharpness.

  • Supporting aseptic preparation
    • The filter is sterile
    • Its packaging is conceived to avoid touching, and thus contaminating the membrane with fingers.

Clinical history

Sterifilt has been developed in France from 1997 with the involvement of needle exchange programs. Its safety and effectiveness are validated by laboratory assays. Tested with brown and white heroin, cocaine hydrochloride and crack cocaine, amphetamines and crushed tablets.

Sterifilt® is a medical device, bearing EC marking.