To each his own colour                     

1 ml or 2 ml ?


Instructions for use :

  • Check the integrity of the blister, as well as the expiration date before taking the syringe out of its blister.
  • Draw up the solution through a filter, either a cotton filter or a Sterifilt®.
    If you use a Sterifilt: Fit the Sterifilt to the syringe, apply some pressure and slightly turn to ensure that the junction is airtight. Draw up the solution very slowly. Take off the Sterifilt and fit the needle to the syringe.
  • Once the needle is inserted, a slight return of the plunger allows to check whether the needle is inside a vein.

  • Inject slowly in the direction of the venous circulation (towards the heart).

  • Slowly withdraw the needle to prevent the vein to collapse.

  • Compress the injection site using a dry post injection swab.

Caution :

Do not open the blister in advance. It guaranties sterility

Do not reuse. Do not share. Like all injection paraphernalia, a syringe should be used only once.