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Sterimix or Maximix ?


Instructions for use


  • Open the blister, press on the handle of the Maxicup to remove it from the blister; make sure not to touch the inside of the cooker.
  • Insert the aluminium handle of the Maxicup into the groove of the plastic handle.


  • Push and twist the Sterifilt onto the syringe to obtain a firm, airtight seal*.
  • Draw up the liquid slowly

*On syringes without attached needle (Luer syringes), the Sterifilt fits where the needle goes. The needle should be fixed once the drug has been drawn up and the Sterifilt removed.

Post injection swab

  • After injection, compress the injection site with the dry swab to absorb the blood.



  • Fingers should never touch the inside of the Maxicup. Any bacteria, fungi or viruses present on the surface of the skin may contaminate the solution. The Hepatitis C virus can survive in traces of blood present on the skin or on any surface, even if they are invisible.

  • Never reuse, share or draw-up after someone. Even if it has been cleaned, the spoon can still contain viruses from someone else's syringe, filter, water or fingers.


  • The Sterifilt becomes less efficient after a first use. It is not recommended to use it twice.
  • The Sterifilt does not eliminate bacteria or viruses.