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Sterimix or Maximix ?



Each Maximix contains:

  • One sterile cooker:
    • Maximum capacity of 5 ml, allows to heat solutions of 3.5 ml easily
    • Greater stability ensured by a plain surface
    • Aluminium alloy whose safety has been proven
    • Due to the material used and its relatively low thickness, the Maxicup becomes flimsy after a first use. This may prevent reuse

  • One heat resistant plastic handle that prevents burns to fingers

  • One dry post-injection swab:
    • Used to compress the vein after injection, ensures better healing and preserves the venous capital
    • Absorbs blood and reduces handborne viral transmission
  • One Sterifilt:
    • Reduces risks associated with the injection of insoluble particles such as abscesses, phlebitis, "dirty hits”, embolism, oedema and pulmonary complications…
      • Eliminates over 90% of all insoluble particles of over 5 µm and over 93% of all particles larger than 10 µm

    • Encourages single and personal use of filters, whose reuse and sharing play an important role in infections by micro-organisms and viral transmission:
      • The Sterifilt retains five times less drug than a cotton filter, reducing filter-reuse and sharing
      • Its membrane obstructs after use, minimising the risk of reuse

    • Preserves the venous capital
      • The Sterifilt protects the tip of the needle and prevents it from hitting the bottom of the spoon

    • Encourages aseptic preparation
      • The filter is sterile
      • Its packaging is conceived to avoid touching, and thus contaminating the membrane with the hands