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Stericup or Maxicup?


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Each Maxicup contains:

  • One sterile cooker
    • Maximum capacity of 5 ml. Allows to heat solutions of 3.5 ml easily

    • Greater stability ensured by a plain surface
    • Aluminum alloy which safety has been proven
    • Due to the material used and its relatively low thickness, the Maxicup becomes flimsy after a first use. This may prevent reuse.

  • One heat resistant plastic handle that prevents burns to fingers

  • One sterile cotton filter:
    • Due to its small size compared to cigarette filters and certain other makeshift filters, It retains less active drug
    • Its high density ensures an improved filtration efficacy

    • Encourages the single use of sterile filters

  • One dry post-injection swab:
    • Used to compress the vein after injection, ensures better healing and preserves the venous capital
    • Absorbs blood and reduces hand-borne viral transmission


The Maxicup has been developed in France since 2011 with the involvement of needle exchange programs. Its safety and efficacy have been validated through laboratory testing using crushed tablets and capsules.

Maxicup® is a CE registered medical device.