Instruction for use

  • If possible wash both hands with water and soap. If one of those elements is not available, use a hand-washing wipe or a hydro-alcoholic gel.
  • Wash the injection site with soap and water before using the alcohol pad. It is important to apply the alcohol wipe on a small area and only wipe in one direction to avoid spreading the microbes.
  • Let the alcohol dry before injection; Injection should follow disinfection in a short time period because alcohol is highly volatile and its antimicrobial activity is brief.


  • Disinfection of the injection site does no replace hand washing
  • If not possible otherwise, an alcohol pad can be used to wash hands. However, it should be a different pad from the one used for the injection site disinfection
  • Do not use after injection. Use a dry swab
  • Do not use on mucosa
  • The use of alcohol will be less effective on a visibly dirty skin